Darkjoint first appeared within the UK Hip Hop scene in 1999 with the Malarchi hit single 'No Question' which charted in the UK Pop chart at number 37 and the UK Hip Hop chart at no 6. He went on to produce the follow up single by Malarchi entitled, 'U 4 Days', which also entered the UK Pop chart at 38 in the summer of 2000.

The bond and chemistry between Darkjoint and Malarchi produced the hit album by Malarchi entitled 'Forgotten World' which includes the underground Hip Hop chart hit 'Da Shock' featuring the legendary US rapper Canibus the following year in 2001.

On completing the 'Forgotten World' album by Malarchi in 2000, Darkjoint immediately started working on the follow up album in the story time line with his debut album 'Forgotten Ones' which produced the single 'Still Love You' featuring Serocee and Emanuel thesinger. The album features various MCs in the UK Hip Hop scene of that era and the album was completed a decade later in 2010.

Due to record label ramblings and legalities the album was put on hold and could not be released until now under Darkjoint's own record label, JPM Recordings.

Still Love You

by Darkjoint ft. Serocee & Emanuel thesinger

Released: 2007
Album: Forgotten Ones - A Decade Documented (Vol.1 Life In The Big Smoke)
Writers: R. Roy-Macaulay, Serocee and C. Emanuel
Produced: Darkjoint
Mixed: Darkjoint
Recorded / Engineered: Darkjoint at Darkjoint Penthouse Suite
Label: JPM Recordings


by Serocee ft. Jumiah

Released: 2007
Album: Life
Writers: Serocee and Urban Monk
Produced: Urban Monk
Mixed: Darkjoint and Cavey
Recorded / Engineered: Darkjoint at Darkjoint Penthouse Suite
Label: JPM Recordings / Ill Flava Records


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